Because We Love Cars and Drivers: We Designed a Life-Saving App

Software That Blocks Text Messaging on Phones

  • Safeguards teen drivers and truckers
  • Empowers parents and fleet managers

First, We Diagnosed the Problem:

  • Teens texting while driving
  • Truckers texting while driving
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports driver distraction was the cause of 18% of all fatal crashes. Crashes in which, 3,328 people were killed, and 421,000 were injured.
  • Parents were concerned about their teen drivers
  • Fleet managers felt helpless
  • As a group tightly tied into the automotive industry, we were alarmed
  • As software creators, we could take action

Next, We Identified the Source of the Problem:

  • Existing text-blocking apps contained glitches
  • These motion-sensor, driving apps blocked texts while sensing movement of any kind, such as walking
  • This type of software became a nuisance and an intrusion in users’ lives
  • The nuisance factor led to decline in use

Our Fix:

  • Design and build an app that links into the car’s computer
  • App that works only with the driver’s phone and only when car is in motion
  • Brand the app with a name that conveys its function and benefit: Protxtion
  • Built-in parental monitoring feature
  • Built-in fleet manager monitoring feature

Our Upgrades and Enhancements:

  • Created incentive program to engage teens
  • Teens share Protxtion App with peers to win points/miles
  • The more teens used the app to block texts while driving, the more points/miles they earn
  • Points/miles redeemable for rewards
  • Teen-friendly rewards would include Papa John’s Pizza