We Fiercely Protect Your Brand’s Good Name

  • 83% of consumers report their perceptions of companies are influenced by online reviews
  • 80% said a negative online comment caused them to decide against making a purchase
  • Factors Beyond Your Control Impact Your Brand’s Search Engine Results

You Can’t Fix the Problem Unless You Know About it. Here’s What We Know:

  • What people say about your brand
  • What they say about your employees
  • Customer service complaints and praise
  • Whether your brand is perceived as supportive
  • If your product lives up to your promises
  • We monitor websites, including review sites
  • We scan RSS feeds
  • We aggregate data from a multitude of websites
  • We are your social media guard dogs
  • We protect search results

They’re Saying Negative Things, Now What?

  • Customer feedback gets our immediate response
  • Warning signs? We react with proven solutions

Online Conversations Move at the Speed of Commerce

Your brand, and bottom line, can’t afford to lose share due to negative word-of-mouth. Let’s talk about the expert ways EXTEND PERFORMANCE protects and promotes your reputation.