3 Main Verticals of Inbound Marketing:

  • Blog: EXTEND PERFORMANCE strategically identifies topics that attract prospects
  • SEO: We consistently move targeted keywords in a positive ranking direction
  • Social Media: Who uses which platform and how often? It changes all the time, so we monitor social media performance daily and provide analytic reports monthly

The Give and Take of Inbound Marketing:

  • The consumer controls the search and the conversation
  • You choose the information and content the consumer sees
  • The consumer has to value your content if they’re going hang with you (We’re on it: EXTEND PERFORMANCE analytics expertly identify content that’s trending upward)

3 Things Consumers Like About Inbound Marketing:

  • It doesn’t ring your doorbell
  • Or call you
  • Or cut into your TV show

The Consumer Controls the Inbound Marketing Conversation—So, Where Does That Leave You?

Our creative, proprietary software puts you in control of the content you want users to see. Here’s how we’re doing it for the Automotive Aftermarket industry:


  • We integrate the brand’s eCatalog into the brand website—a strategy that prevents user traffic from being directed away from the brand’s domain during product searches. This keeps you in control of the text and image content your user sees
  • Within the brand’s site and eCatalog, we provide multiple functions for the auto techs to quickly and easily search parts: By VIN, Make, Model, Year
  • Check out these examples: TheBCAHUB.com, MotoRadUSA.com, RaybestosPowertrain.com

See whats included with Inbound Marketing.