As in, HOW2 make you #1 in your category. HOW2 implements our creative software designed to attract people back to your website, to your brand, your eCatalog, your product. Our proprietary software integrates your eCatalog into your site — providing the engaged customer experience your brand must have to compete in todays marketing environment. Our exclusive software solutions keep consumers on your site, giving you greater control of customer engagement.

Today, what’s encountered online is a huge part of the ‘Customer Experience’ that determines or destroys brand loyalty. The online, how-to training we pioneered for automotive technicians literally puts your brand into the installers’ hands.

This proven, professionally-respected resource is what industry experts are currently predicting to be a marketing method 10 years from now.

The Automotive Aftermarket Innovative Marketer

Recognized nationwide as the definitive leader in online training, Shawn Collins, Founder & CEO of EXTEND PERFORMANCE, was a featured presenter at the MEC gathering following the 2015 AASA Vision Conference. His program, “Brand Building Online with Social Media and Training,” focuses on our engaged process.

Web = Ignition

Responsive Design:

Our software automatically scales your site to fit the user’s screen. This is the best way to view your content and the smartest way to comply with Google’s mobile-friendly ranking standards.

eCommerce = Fuel

eCommerce is Fueled by Customer Expectations, Habits, and Experiences:

In addition to tracking site traffic, we use real-time monitoring to report your customers’ social media conversations about your brand.

Social = Air

Our Social Networking Platforms are Based on Relationships:

The relationships between your customers and brand, and the customer-to-customer relationships built via social platforms. Our software enables us to send engaging push notifications to current and prospective customers, with information based on social media intelligence that relates to their habits, preferences, and comments made about your brand.

eCatalog =
Gas & Brake Pedals

Speed Matters:

If it takes more than three seconds to load, you’ll lose 40% of your visitors. We’re here to reduce your bounce rate and boost your conversions.

Your eCat Requires Stop & Go Power:

We give you content that engages users, and easy navigation that drives them seamlessly from Point A to Point Buy.

We Keep Your eCatalog and Website Working Together:

Our proprietary software integrates your eCatalog within your website—so, even a product search won’t direct traffic away from your URL.

CRM = Combustion

Customer Relationship Management Warms the CX:

We successfully manage the data and information mix that helps you create the ideal Customer Experience (CX) in today’s eCommerce marketplace. Online customer expectations are high; we help you exceed them.