The Product:

  • Fleet protection provided via data gathered through telemetry tracking and monitoring
  • EnGenX uses cellular and GPS technology to automatically collect data about trucks
    -Route mapping, engine diagnostics/telemetry, driver activity monitoring, and more
  • Information is accessible to fleet manager/auditor through any wireless device with an internet connection and web browser

Innovative, web-based, mobile resource solutions for multiple industries:

Innovative, web-based, mobile resource solutions for multiple industries:

  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Field Services
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Delivery
  • Trucking
  • Utilities
  • Virtually any business with a mobile fleet

The Challenge:

  • Carve out a dynamic brand presence for a breakthrough product completely lacking awareness within the fleet category.

The Outcome:

  • EnGenX turned to a nontraditional agency to devise a tech-driven marketing campaign
  • EXTEND created a website targeted to users in fleet-reliant industries
  • Formatted website for mobile-friendliness
  • We finessed SEO and RSS
  • Launched push tactics throughout social media
  • Energetically announced the arrival of EnGenX via multiple, highly-branded emails
  • Generated much-deserved buzz among online news media outlets and their audiences

Measurable Results:

  • Our SEO strategies rocketed EnGenX from under the radar to PAGE ONE ON GOOGLE SEARCH
  • We focused on three keyword phrases—in six months, EnGenX propelled to the top 10 listings on page one with two of our keywords
  • Third targeted keyword is highly-ranked on page two
  • Website traffic was phenomenal: In under five months, EnGenX’s Alexa Rating* grew 250 times in size
  • “EXTEND took our small company and positioned us with the likes of the Fortune 100.”—Craig Cobb, Director of Sales and Marketing, EnGenX

*A subsidiary of, Alexa provides information on traffic levels for websites