CP Handheld

The Industry Standard In
Retail Automotive Reconciliation Software

We compressed a laborious, unreliable, 3-week ordeal, into an accurate, 3-day money-saver.

Our Challenge:

Create a powerful brand presence for a remarkable product with zero visibility in the category.

Our Solutions:

We crafted a marketing campaign that quickly spread the word:

  • CP Handheld compresses a laborious, unreliable, 3-week ordeal into an accurate, 3-day money saver
  • We built-out an engaging website that powerfully demonstrated the dramatic streamlining benefits of CP Handheld

Measurable Results:

“This product has paid for itself many times over, not just by saving many hours each month, but keeping the inventory perfectly honest—the decks are cleared clean each month with CP Handheld.”

-Terry Lynn White, Toyota Mall of Georgia