Content’s not about the “sell,” it’s all about the “self”—as in, what’s here for me, the site user? For our client, BCA Bearings Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of wheel bearings & wheel hub assemblies, the targeted user is the auto tech. So, we keep their site content rich with Tech Tips for the pros, and how-to videos on parts installation. In essence, the website we created for BCA Bearings (The HUB) is a heavily-used training center:

Hyper-Intensity Doesn’t Burn Us Out—it Fires Up Brands

Your EXTEND PERFORMANCE team builds brand loyalty through content that trains. Our innovative, online training for the auto tech puts your brand in their hands—and their loyalty into your brand.

How Our Self-Imposed, Sweat-the-Minutia Fattens Conversion:

Can you spot what’s missing from this content checklist?

  • Download-worthy documents √
  • How-to-do everything (that matters to me) better tips √
  • Blogs with great insights by hands-on experts in your industry √
  • FAQs √

Great start. But where are the Call-to-Actions? Short phrases, yes, but big opportunities. Call-to-Actions require word crafting that engages and motivates your users to act on offers—in exchange for their contact information. We got it. √

Why Another Industry Leader Likes Our Rule-Breaking Content:

Check out this dominant website we recently launched: MotoRad leads in automotive thermostats, radiator caps, and fuel caps sold to the American automotive aftermarket.

Brandon Kight, MotoRad Director of Marketing & Program Development shares:

“We turned to EXTEND PERFORMANCE for the development of the new MotoRad website, based on their track record for creating some of best content rich sites in the industry. I’ve worked with them on many projects over the years and never cease to be amazed by the results. Their ability to make even the most demanding concepts become reality, is what sets them apart from others. They are not content with merely doing what is asked, but strive to provide suggestions/solutions that enhance the user experience… all on time and within budget.”