Give Your User Something They Can Use, And They’ll Associate Your Brand with Value

Shop owners and techs know that problem-free installations keep the bay turning and customers happy.

The EXTEND PERFORMANCE team gives techs the tools they need to keep that process running smoothly. Branded tools, including:


  • Establishing respected online centers of knowledge—attached to your domain
  • Online continuing education with certification opportunities
  • Your website featuring online, how-to videos on installing your products
  • Free VIN Scan Apps to speed part searches
  • Useful tech tips from real life pros, featuring your products
  • Blogs to help techs on the job (I.E., How to positively respond to: “Why does it take so long and cost so much to service my car?”)
  • Online updates on industry news and events
  • Platform for eCatalog that doesn’t direct users away from your domain during product searches
  • Rewards programs
  • Push notifications for new product and upgrades